About: Hello, World!

Hello, Internet!

My name is Connor. I am an avid music lover and I love finding new music. I created this blog for multiple reasons: 1. I love music and I love writing, so this is just a perfect middle ground, 2. Who doesn’t love expressing their opinions about things? That’s part of the reason the internet was invented! 3. I am currently a music major in college and figured this would be a great way to get experience with music journalism, and 4. I, myself, love having new music to listen to and exploring the great wide world that is the music industry, and enjoying high paying popular acts that everyone knows to underground indie bands that no one has ever heard before and my hope is to show people that read this some really cool new music that you may not have heard of before, or hear another person’s point of view on your favorite acts. Either way, this is kind of an informational/opinion based blog, and I hope that you enjoy reading about the music that makes the world go round. Feel free to comment any responses to anything I post or suggestions for things for me to listen to! Like I said, nothing makes me happier than finding a new artist I can connect to and spend hours listening to their albums. Thanks a lot!



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